About Glide

The Problem

Pigeons have been a problem since the very first bridges and buildings were put up. We are all aware of the damage done to structures and the risks to public health. There have been many attempts, some fanciful, some logical, some causing harm to the birds but none have proved to be a long term, cost effective solution, until now… The way humans live, food is discarded carelessly in urban areas. With no natural predators, year round breeding and this easy access to food means that pigeon numbers are increasing exponentially. They use buildings and bridges as a means of providing natural pigeon holes that are similar in character to cliff face voids. Glide successfully removes these roosting areas and thereby removes the nuisance pigeons can cause.

Development of Glide

Prior to Glide coming to the market, bridges were, and still are, protected by netting, spikes, wires, glues etc. For inspections, Glide does not need to be removed from the bridge and taken away for off-site storage, then refitted at a later date with the disadvantages of excessive time-wasting, loss of equipment and the cost and inconvenience to the public of more road closures.

A Network Rail structural engineer, who found himself in the front-line due to the Wandsworth case, asked for some “Blue-sky” thinking as to how engineers could carry out their work without dealing with the problems caused by existing proofing.

We addressed the various issues and needs of structural engineers including:

  • Uninterrupted access to bearing shelves and beams
  • Avoiding the presence of guano
  • Longevity –rather than degradable materials
  • Safety – avoiding nets hanging down
  • Repeat costs – traffic management and replacement proofing
  • Punitive costs – public hygiene complaints
  • Bridge Strikes/Fail-safe measures

… and developed our now patented product Glide.

Using the highest standard of stainless steel (Grade 316), Glide will still be performing its function, when the structure has fulfilled its life-time and needs to be replaced, which gives us confidence in giving a 20 year warranty.

Having addressed and resolved contentious issues Glide has been granted a PADS certificate allowing structural engineers to use Glide across Network Rail.

Technical information in the form of engineer’s drawings, narrative descriptions and photographs of the product in-situ can be found here.

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