• Bespoke

    Glide is engineered to the precise dimensions of each structure.

  • High Quality Material
    High Quality Material

    Fabricated using the highest quality, grade 316 stainless steel.

  • Maintenance Free
    Maintenance Free

    Quickly & easily removed and/or refitted for inspections and/or painting.

  • Inspection Friendly
    Inspection Friendly

    Permits uninterrupted access to bridge flanges for engineering inspections.

  • Safe & Hygienic
    Safe & Hygienic

    Glide does not harm pigeons and prevents the build up of pigeon guano, which could cause psittacosis.

  • Aesthetics

    With its minimal design and stainless steel construction, Glide is discreet and, when noticed, visually appealing. It is often thought to be an integral part of the bridge design.

  • Financial Benefits
    Financial Benefits

    Glide is offered with a 20-year warranty. It is a one-off permanent solution, which avoids the recurring repair/replacement cycle of other methods, with the added benefits of easy removal/refitting.

  • Bridge Strikes & Fail Safe
    Bridge Strikes & Fail Safe

    We use anti-vibration measures: Primary clamp fixings made to measure using Nylock fixings and secondary fixings Gripple.

  • Installation

    Glide is attached using clamps which do not compromise the physical integrity of the structure.

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